Welcome to the Gangster’s of Saratoga. The homepage for the stories about the gamblers and gangsters at Saratoga Springs as told by the author and retired Chief of Police, Greg Veitch.

In A Gangster’s Paradise: Saratoga Springs from Prohibition to Kefauver, Greg continues the story of gambling, crime and corruption in the Spa City. Tales of bootleggers and shootouts, liquor raids and gambling dens, murder and political payoffs; A Gangster’s Paradise is filled with tales of nationally known gangsters like Meyer Lanky, Charles “Lucky” Luciano, Dutch Schultz and their exploits at Saratoga.

Between both of his books, All the Law in the World Won’t Stop Them, and A Gangster’s Paradise, Greg Veitch tells a complete history of gambling, crime and corruption in Saratoga Springs from beginning to end. Pick up your copies today!!