Gambling.  Crime. Corruption.  Despite its reputation as a world-class resort destination, Saratoga Springs has always had a dark side.  The forces of good and evil waged a century-long battle for supremacy at the Spa.  Behind the glitz and glamour of the high end hotels along Broadway and the wealthiest of American society at the race track, criminals, gangsters and their corrupt political associates made a mockery of law and order in Saratoga Springs for much of its history.

All the Law in the World Won’t Stop Them is the history of the battle between the gangsters of Saratoga and those who favored a law and order town from the earliest years of the village through 1930.  From the early gentleman gamblers like John Morrissey and Richard Canfield, to the later, more notorious gangland legends like Arnold Rothstein, the incredible true stories of gambling, crime and corruption are featured in this book that describes a Saratoga Springs that is unrecognizable to residents and visitors to the City today.

A Gangster’s Paradise: Saratoga Springs from Prohibition to Kefauver continues the history of the gamblers and gangsters at Saratoga. Beginning with tales of bootlegging and liquor raids, A Gangster’s Paradise is filled with stories of gangland shootouts, political payoffs, police corruption, and even an unsolved gangland murder. Revelations during the Kefauver Committee hearings in the early 1950’s eventually led to the closing of Saratoga as a “Gangster’s Paradise.”

You are sure to enjoy the fascinating stories of Saratoga’s nefarious past!